• Why Bangladesh flags picture on shoe????

    At least I'll walk around with the feet of my country's flag and map nasarta or Punjabi is my body, legs, feet, and laid down the flag and the flag painted on the shoes to go with one of my eyes.

    And to be honest, I did not buy myself any other country's flag painted on a shoe, it really takes me too gaudy, like his own, and was uncomfortable.

    Zazzle's website for e-commerce sites to sell their products shows a variety of establishments approved in karechetara the national flag, map, photograph Language Day, all kinds of shoes.
    Now imagine two minutes,
    Being crushed under the feet of the legs and feet of our beloved flag, map and Bangladeshi heritage.
    What thought?
    My favorite country on the map, flag, heritage brand has the right to do business?
    However, the collective voice of protest,
    E-commerce sites immediately from Zazzle humiliating for all of the products on the website of the company panyabikreta the shoe to hit the sixteen million people in the existence of demand for the unconditional apology.


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