• Why Bangladesh flags picture on shoe????

    Why Bangladesh flags picture on shoe???? 


    Coming before the March 26
    independence Day
    In these days when we achieved independence
    This is the day we have 30 million people in exchange for lifelong
    We think of them with respect to the March 26
    In these days we are at the Shaheed Minar and placed flowers in memory of the martyrs
    This day also at the mouth of Bangladesh in Bangladesh flag sticker on the map to enlarge T-shirt
    But today saw the country to notify sraddha became head down on fb and I saw a brother in Statas has a Link

    Link went on, and I am seeing the tears that came
    Modern / Smartness, this is what I like, and how people could stoop so low?
    I do know the name of my country in an Online Shopping Site Map shows on shoe
    Hey mother what he can to keep his feet?
    This country is in the midst of my mother's friends, however, what kind of shoes Smart System
    Maps of the country where my feet take hold?
    We put him in the land of my mother land him in the chest.
    Did you forget who these karecisa Behold, we are fighting to protect a flower

    The rest of the eyeball to insult people who do not put to shame
    I want justice for my country, my country's flag shoe on top of the map
    I want justice
    This e-kamaraca site should be stopped and the seller, who will pay the penalty that killed 30 million people who insulted our mother insults
    Let Zazzle website banned

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