• Some Heart Talk night silence love by Abir

    Some Heart Talk night silence love by Abir 

    There's nothing like a nice night silence ! That is to say, as a man, as he is in the midst of silence to scream gumare story, but not less.
    What is loneliness? Life Moments jayagase shoes to the back of the chill bitterness, hatred, shame about the suicide note written one.
    Love has nothing to say, a temporary illusion of illusion matrasei leave room for the others, some die, some congenital still cigarette set fire to a stone chest.
    All the money in the world, without money bought yayaatahpara affection of the money he believes he is not bhalobasaguloi running back, became the property of others.
    Or love is to die for, but they do not do anything stupid! Once you understand the left side of the chest, sometimes empty, brain, and the company will not let you.
    Not all of the stories,
    No one survived, no one loses.


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