• Image of part of humanity By Udoy Saha Abir

     Image of part of humanity By Udoy Saha Abir

    I heard from one of the small
    Everything above is true of people do not do anything beyond
    But among the people and so much discrimination?
    A few of the people live at the base of society.
    I have most of the 3 types of class
    1.Large guy
    2.Middle class
    3.Poor / General
    To share in such a way that it will not share
    We do not know any class of people?
    Tomorrow's got some example.

    2017 Heavy clouds in the sky all of a sudden the date of March 10,
    Starting from the evening rain storm
    Hole load shedding
    Meanwhile, around the end of my Laptop and mobile phone charges and
    I got a message from Facebook on the Internet Project's some work to be done When I 1am Maybe
    Current did not come through the window and was sitting in one of the Call Brother, why not come and said, `Surely the affair Online Elecktricity Problrm
    1 hour before he was careful to me to have them there Current
    Athacha their way home, and not two minutes from my hostel
    And he said unto him, because they know Line Vip.

    Current day and all night, and we were not.
    What if our money is our crime?
    Lower our impact?
    We know students?
    They do not have the money or the like.
    So here is the dominant class category Vip.
    We're all people, and anyone else eat half the day 3
    So what society is all right on top of things, the rich have most
    Someone else will sleep comfortably through the night in Ac room Fan and can not run in load-shedding Problem
    That's what the rules
    However, if it is the rule in this society, I do not want to

    I want people who recognize that society is a society that just as people
    Do not know any rich Vip
    Glass covered vehicle for whose benefit the people who are deprived of thousands of poor people
    Sorry if anyone takes my writing bad
    but I am at my pen will be removed, and when that is not possible
    And I'll be happy if you do not use text
    You can change yourself to change society's image


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