• How patriotic, true traveler who will try to stop this like Miraz Zaman Raz

    How patriotic, true traveler who will try to stop this like Miraz Zaman Raz

    Well, I have some words to everyone today
    Is this good for the community if no one else in the society will be lost at its place
    What does today's society?
    If anyone is to blame
    Good work also to blame
    If anyone improvement fault

    News at the heart of today's became worse
    I never knew that's the way a man who always worked for the society of today, the status
    Is it his fault medalist President VDP service?
    2014 Awarded Best Young successful it's his fault?
    The man's name Miraz Zaman Raz
    He expressed restless editor

    A few days ago, some people tried to kill him with a car buried.
    Gopinathpur a white microbus in front of the TV center, the streets are empty purposely tried to kill him by pushing again.
      Tatkhanat bike and he fell to the heels with knees right leg was seriously hurt.
    According to the MRI after the surgery will be done aghatata knees too much.
    That is his fault that he is working for the betterment of society, he wants to change the society rusty pratichabi
    Yes Miraj brothers separated from us
    Do you know why?

    I am thinking to buy a dress on Eid what we like to admit
    The Miraj whose brother thinks there is no one where they will be celebrating Eid clothes
    Eid clothes to arrange their winter clothing from the man
    This man, the true image of the seventies
    The traveler
    The man was trying to kill today
    Is that rules our society?
    Because of the Humanity that there is no reason for us, you know?

    Where is the rule of the law of our government?
    How can you say will come the Miraj?
    They will now have the time to understand our country's resources, they are people of good will
    The younger generation wants to encourage good work
    Those who want to build Bangladesh as a developed country on earth
    The people who come forward to good use in our society and should be a good working partner
    My request to the government' who wants to kill Miraz Zaman Raz there will be punished


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