• Bill Gates Part 1

    Microsoft Windows.

    Bill Gates, the world's legend ::: computer

    A well-known name in the world of computers. Those who did not know anything about computers they are familiar with the name. Operating System because it is a world in which most computer users are using. And everyone knows the name of the company owner of the Operating System of Microsoft.

    Microsoft's renown as the world's biggest computer-based companies all over the world, no doubt, he is the owner of this company will become the world's most popular!

    That's right! Microsoft is a unique example of the success of the company's owner, Bill Gates. This report my computer with players in the world of the living. I know less about it than all of Microsoft. Or what about the founder of this great institution, but I know? So I played this great man's life story in today's report, career, personal life and with other information.

    Very briefly at the beginning of the report, we take a look at Bill Gates's some information:

    1) Name: William Henry Gates (III)

    Ii) Date: October 8, 1955

    3) Birthplace: Seattle, Washington, United States.

    4) parents: His father, William Henry Gates Sr. And his mother, Mary Maxwell Gates.

    5) Nationality: American

    6) Education: Harvard University

    7) Current habitats: Medina, Washington, United States.

    8) Occupation: Co-founder & Chairman of "Microsoft", Co-chairman of the "Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation", CEO of "Cascade Investment" & Chairman of "Corbis"

    9) family: wife Melinda Gates and his family of three children.

    Childhood Life

    An area of ??the city of Seattle, Washington, USA. The city father William Henry Gates Sr. 8 October 1955 And his mother, Mary Maxwell Gates was born a child in her lap. Their son, also called the father of genetics, according to William Henry Gates. His parents were English, German and Scots-Irish people of mixed blood. Bill Gates's father was the renowned law-year, United Way, and my mother worked in a company's name as the Board of director of First Interstate BancSystem. Bill Gates and his grandfather, the then President of the National Bank. Gates is the only son of parents of three children. Her older sister, younger sister Kristianne and Libby.

    From an early age, like Bill Gates and his father's wish was father to son to grow up to be law-year, many names shave. Bill Gates at the age of 13 who were admitted to a nearby house at Lakeside School. When Gates was promoted to the Eighth Grade School in the school canceled the sale of accessories for the computer section of the students, the school decided to purchase some of the Teletype Model 33 Computer Mothers Club. As a result, Gates was a chance to show his skills on computer programming. His interest in programming at the school of his escape from the boring math classes and practice of programming is. Gates made his first program at the computer section was called "Tic-Tac-Toe", for playing games, using the computer program that Gates everyone by surprise. One thing to bear in mind that Bill Gates did not dhukato how computer software is so easy to install software or computer programming code How could so easily. He seemed to be that the computer must have something he can not catch up. After the Mothers Club donation is extended from a few days to the school, the school comes to some new computers. Gates and other students in the computer section of the Computer Center Corporation (CCC) nitibiruddha of the PDP-10 and sits in a Demo Operating System. And do not tell anyone because it uses computer nitibiruddha the Gates and Paul Allen, his three friends, Rick oyeilyanda and Kent Evans, who was expelled from school Journal. Later, they continued their research and discovered that their products are able to protect your computer Operating system and software capable of eliminating even if the Trojans. He would like to see research findings to school. The report Computer Center Corporation (CCC) is sent to Gates, they are satisfied with their software installed on the computers in the computer section to check whether the Trojans.
    Bill Gates began to come to their office and on the source code of computer programs to enhance their studying it. A science-based seminar next year, Gates and his four friends CCC invites you to submit to them. Bill Gates, the school authorities were aware of his programming skills. So they invited Gates changes and enhancements to the school's computer section. Gates was impressed by the talent and wisdom of the class, most women wanted to spend time with him. Only 17-year-old Allen with his friend Bill Gates in the current Intel 8008 processor was able to build a prototype Traffic counters. Gates's identity continues to grow slowly. How much less can earn the reputation of a man, he was a burning example of this is Bill Gates. In 1973, the US House of Representative in Congress as a man of honor was given.

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