• A Story Of Jisan

    A Story Of Jisan

    How do you feel today, but I think that happens around the city today and just like that there may be many children do not eat.

    They cannot go to school.Their dream is to go to school for read.Like all the other children went to school,

    and if they wish to study karatekintu may not be possible to dream the dream goes on.

    How to eat them before because they would be treated.
    If the document is to eat them the money that they will be able to study?
    What they really need are their rights?
    What is right for the people sitting in the car just covered the glass?

    Now I'll share with you today an event I've ever seen in my own view

    One of my friends started
    We manage money for poor children try to help.
    If we have the weekend to get a child
    One day we found out that the way to Zeeshan

    I like to see him in
    We learn about search
    He did not take his father missing
    Her mother kind of a little crazy
    Her brother always gamble
    She has a younger sister and their family status is not good enough

    Zeeshan from 7am until 5pm in the winter works at a hotel
    The works and gets the money from the hotel every 50
    And the money he took from his brother
    If it is not in his angry brother
    Thus, in the absence of suffering side Zeeshan

    I saw the boy's infatuation
    I heard him
    Do you wish to go to school?
    Zeeshan told me
    Do you really need me to fill in?
    I wish everyone would like to go to school
    Bag to go to school
    Like everyone to read books


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